New owners Classic Flights

Fox Li

Wanaka-based Classic Flights has been sold by Pete and Julie Hendriks to a consortium, led on the ground here in Wanaka by Fox Li. Please say hi next time you see Fox around the airport. Pete will stay on for the next two years to assist the team with the transition.

About Fox Li

As with many pilots today, Fox Li's dream was initially sparked by the American fighter jet movie Top Gun. When he watched the movie for the first time at 6 years old, he knew "his mind was never satisfied to stay on the ground again", and he decided that becoming a pilot was a goal for him in life. 

However, over the past 25 years, through unexpected rough times, every minute seemed to direct him down an opposite path. He missed the opportunity to fly back in China, and the dream to become a pilot faded away. Thanks to family support he was able to come overseas to "the world’s last pure land, New Zealand".  

According to Fox, it was in this "beautiful and high social acceptance society", he regained control of his life. Fox has a deep interest in Mechanical Engineering, so it was a natural choice for him to choose to study automotive engineering. After becoming a fully-qualified mechanic, he settled down in Auckland and the childhood dream to fly was once again re-ignited.
Fox has completed an Aviation Degree at Massey University, and a C-Category flight instructor rating at North Shore Aero Club. His next challenge is to manage an Aviation business in Wanaka. By understanding the shortage of pilot training for overseas visitors and their needs, Fox plans to work closely with locals to introduce an airline cadet training program in Wanaka.
His hope for the future is to "join with local GA families and export New Zealand's high quality education to grow the country's GA industry and local economy together".  

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