About Wanaka Airport

Wanaka Airport sits 9km south-east of Wānaka at 1,142ft above sea level and operates 365 days a year.  Sounds Air currently provides daily scheduled air passenger services between Wānaka and Christchurch. The airport is a popular base for flightseeing, flight training, private flights, aircraft maintenance operations, and visitor attractions including the popular Warbirds & Wheels Museum and Café. 

Wanaka Airport has one of the busiest helicopter training schools in the South Island, and microlight training is available on the airfield.  All this, combined with local scenic flight operations, up to four parachuting flights an hour in busy periods, the occasional high-performance Warbird, the bi-ennial Warbirds Over Wanaka International Airshow and NASA’s annual scientific balloon launch make for a very diverse mix of aviation.

Other flight activities in the area include paragliding up to 5000 feet, tow-launched parasailing on the southern end of Lake Wanaka, and hang-gliding in the western ranges.

Please note Wanaka Airport is only open during daylight hours and overnight camping in vehicles or hangars is not permitted. We love your furry friends but want them to be safe when visiting Wanaka Airport. Please ensure they're restrained at all times. For more information please read our Airport Dog Policy.

For details on where to camp in Wanaka please visit the QLDC website here.


Flying into Wanaka Airport

Runway orientation is 11 and 29. The main sealed runway is 1,200m long by 30m wide, supported by a fully irrigated grass runway of 900m long by 40m wide.  All itinerant VFR pilots should familiarise themselves with the Wanaka Aerodrome information which is fully detailed in the NZAIP, Vol 4.  

A useful information publication entitled “In, Out and Around Queenstown” is also available on the CAA website.

Under Civil Aviation Authority rules, Wanaka Airfield operates in daylight hours only. Aircraft operations at Wanaka Airport are subject to our standard Aeronautical Conditions of Use which set out the terms under which you may use the airport and detail the relevant aeronautical charges.

Aircraft operations at Wanaka Airport are subject to our standard Aeronautical Conditions of Use.

For general airfield enquiries please contact us

Caution: Skydive operations operating daily north-east of the Aerodrome at Parachute Landing Area P912